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What we offer

We enable clients to transform and grow by doing the right deals, the right way and for the right reasons.

Our clients come from all sectors, with a focus on Australian companies building global businesses. Technology deals are a specialty.

Successful deals require much more than just great transaction execution. Our focus on the what and why – before developing detailed plans for how – delivers better results, and drives long term, enduring relationships with our clients. 


Strategic advisory

We help you clarify and refine your strategic intent.

Beginning with the end in mind, we challenge clients to think beyond the obvious and help them develop a clear path, providing deep analytical support and strategic insights with clear actions.


Private Capital raisings

EM spends the time up front with your team to understand your business and the opportunity, which we capture through clear messaging for potential investors.

With an unparalleled tenacity to achieve success, we connect the right deals with the right audience in the right structure. Whether, raising equity, debt or some combination, we are recognised for our relationships with investors in Australia and internationally, who value our reputation and track record for presenting high quality opportunities.


IPO's and listed capital raisings

We leverage our deep equity capital markets experience, to help you assess, prepare for and project manage IPO's and other listed capital raisings.

Our independence, structuring expertise and clear focus on you as our only client, allows us to leverage the best outcomes from your broker and other institutional relationships. We project manage all aspects of the transaction, from the appointment of underwriters, advising on structure or executing non-deal roadshows.



A successful M&A program has to identify the right deals and say no to the wrong ones.

EM helps you assess the true value of an opportunity and potential strategic fit. Whether you are hunting or being hunted, our deep transactional expertise helps you manage all aspects of the acquisition or merger to ensure the deal terms and commercial risks are appropriately addressed. 


Sales and divestments

When it comes to selling your business, time and process are critical to achieving the best outcome.

Independence and experience converge in EM's tailored approach to a sale process. We position your business to maximise the competitive tension between potential acquirers. This is demonstrated through our proven track record of successful global exits for Australian companies.


Clarity of message

Clear communication of your business performance, strategy and plans is crucial. 

We assist with preparing results announcements, non-deal roadshows and investor presentations supporting both capital raisings and M&A. We then help managing existing shareholders, as well as working with your existing broker relationships to attract new investors, research analysts and financial media. 

Our approach

Independence, team work and a commitment to frank advice are at the heart of everything we do.

Each deal is unique. By leveraging our experience, we anticipate the questions investors and prospective acquirers ask. We guide you through every aspect of the deal, providing the insights and knowledge you need to tackle even the most challenging issues.

EM works closely with you to clarify and refine your objectives, helping you establish the elements necessary for success. Our team are there to assist you at every stage of your deal, from start to finish. 

There are no conflicts or chinese walls - we act for you. Our success is geared solely around achieving your objectives.

We would be delighted to meet with you to discuss your business.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us

Our clients

Providing our high quality service requires us to limit our number of engagements.

We can't always disclose what we work on, but here is just a taste

Our people

Client focused, deep expertise, wanting to go the extra mile coupled with emerging talent drives our staff selection.

Natasha Mandie, Managing Director

Natasha has twenty years of corporate advisory and investment banking experience advising mid-market and technology companies across M&A and capital raising transactions in private and public markets.

Natasha’s strategic and direct approach inspires confidence and lets you know where you stand. Her negotiation, execution and change management experience, coupled with her extensive business networks and renowned tenacity, delivers the best outcome for her clients. Natasha founded EM Advisory in 2011 after senior roles at Credit Suisse and Hindal Group.


Chris Pattenden, Principal

Chris has over ten years of transactional experience, with a focus on capital raising. With a deep passion for entrepreneurs and helping grow innovative companies, Chris builds long term relationships with both clients and investors.

Chris is approachable, an exceptional communicator, and is known for his calm and considered demeanor, even when transactions are at their most challenging. His prior roles included Tauro Capital and Kennedy Needham.


John Nelson, Principal

John has more than thirteen years of corporate advisory and investment banking experience advising companies across M&A and capital raising transactions in private and public markets.

John is passionate about learning what makes businesses tick and providing companies measured and frank advice. John’s most recent experience working in-house affords him valuable insights into what Executive and Board need from their advisers and what it takes for companies to complete transactions.

His prior roles include Corporate Development with Bendigo and Adelaide Bank and Corporate Advisory with JP Morgan and Grant Samuel.



Stephanie McKenzie, Associate

Stephanie brings 5 years experience across capital raisings, IPOs and M&A.

Stephanie is an insightful, practical thinker who takes a considered approach to problem solving. With an inquisitive nature and strong technical ability, she first seeks to understand the business and only then builds the models and other outputs to articulate the breadth of the opportunity.


Oswald Fernandes, Associate

Oswald brings 6 years experience in M&A, private equity and venture capital advisory.

Oswald is a keen student of business, with a interest in growth drivers, and how business models can be translated to other industries and geographies. With extensive experience across the food and beverage and technology sectors in both India and the Middle East, Oswald brings a broad perspective on how businesses can scale, as well as how M&A and capital raisings can support this growth.


Kelechi Achara, Analyst

Kelechi brings 9 years of financial experience, across various roles to the EM Advisory business.

Kelechi brings strong technical skills and a critical mindset to every task. He leverages his deep accounting and financial experience to deliver insights that assist with decision making. He has previously worked at National Australia Bank, Metro Trains Melbourne and PwC in both Australia and Ireland.


Shiralee Van Der Baan, Office Manager

Shiralee is the EM Advisory Executive Assistant and Office Manager.

Shiralee has extensive experience organising senior executives, and manages Natasha’s busy schedule and keeps the office environment humming.

EM Advisory values creative problem solvers, who can bring a fresh and agile approach to our team.

If you thrive on working with entrepreneurs in a dynamic environment get in touch


EM Advisory

AFSL 419715

Level 7, 50 Market Street

Melbourne, Australia 3000

+61 3 84889927

LAUNCHVIC Startup Program

Investment Ready Start-ups

When you’re a startup looking for capital, you have one chance to make a first impression. Telling your story quickly, simply, with enough detail is hard. Done poorly, investors are left to do the work: which they won’t or it will

The program

‘Investment Ready Startups’ is a collaboration between EM Advisory and Denali Venture Partners, supported by LaunchVic.

25 companies will be selected to come in and present their story. Of those, eight will be invited to participate in a 3-month intensive at a program cost of $3,000*. The intensive includes workshops, coaching, culminating in a pitch to qualified investors.


Startups looking to refine their narrative, align their teams and attract capital.


Learn to make your story relevant, compelling and actionable; aligning your team, meeting the needs of investors and driving results. Then prepare your story in a simple and compelling investment deck.

*Additional costs contributed by LaunchVic and subsidised by EM Advisory and Denali Venture Partners.

How to participate

If you’re keen to get involved, please register your interest below as soon as possible. We will then send you the application details.

Please note, applications close 10 May 2018 and you may require a few weeks to prepare your entry.

Register your interest